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Finding the 'I' in Relationship

Everyone we know is either in a relationship, ending a relationship or trying to become a part of a new love relationship. I believe it's now time to question ourselves on why we are where we are in our relationships. It's time to be honest with ourselves and ask some tough but relevant and helpful questions about ourselves and our relationship patterns. When I speak of relationships, of course I am referring to our love relationships primarily. Though there are parallels between our love relationships and our other relationships.

We must first start with the person we know best! Us! Right? At this point, it's not about anyone else! We must self-reflect and truly be honest with ourselves before change occurs and love actually happens! Real love; not fake just getting by love but the type of love that makes us sing just because we can or smile thinking about our mate and the love that makes us feel complete at ease and safe on the roughest, toughest day!

So here we go! This is a question that is posed to us in many segments of life and no matter how often we are asked; we almost always get stuck! So let's practice!

1. Who am I? At the core, who am I? On a beautiful sunshiney day when I'm at my best; who am I? On a cold, rainy day when I don't feel 100%; who am I?

Why are these questions so important? Because in a real, authentic relationship, your significant other will see you at your best and at your worse. You, my friend, must know who you are and be comfortable in your skin on either day. Because when you're okay with who you are, others will be okay with who you are. You will present the authentic you NOT someone you "think" they want you to be. This means you will attract exactly what you want not a perception of what you think you want in a mate.

Do you feel you deserve the best love life has to give on both days? Why or why not?

Wow! That's a lot to process right? It is but you can do it! You can do it for you first and then you can do it for the amazing person/relationship that awaits you on the other side.

Be Well!

Katrina Billingsley, M.A. :-)


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